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Experience more clarity than ever as an artist. Discover digital income tracking and see where your assets are trending daily - faster than anyone in the industry.

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Live earnings and streams

Daily performance

60 day trends

Reflect on your estimated earnings and streams from the last 60 days. Easily identify how your assets are performing day-to-day.

Daily performance

Top countries

Portal delivers gainful insight on how your assets are performing in different countries. Know who is listening to your music from all around the world.

Daily performance

Track by track performance

Review your top tracks in one place. Arm yourself with the data and analytics needed to help you succeed before your next release.


Sales data

Know exactly when and where your sales are happening. See a detailed timeline following your asset performance across all major platforms.


Transparent payments & statements

Direct and transparent. Portal shows exactly how much you are getting paid, the status of an advance or any fees associated with your account - all within 48 hours of receiving payment from any digital service provider.

Distribution, Collaborations, Analytics, Socials, Viral, We've got you covered.

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