Go viral, get paid.

YOON is the viral video rights management and licensing branch of Create Music Group. Simply submit your content or purchase a license to access ours and spice up your own. We take care of the day-to-day rights management and administration so creators don't have to.

Global Copyright Protection

And maximized revenue for you and your content

Digital Rights

Proprietary claiming tech & dedicated team

Unlike most companies that rely solely on YouTube's Content ID technology, Create combines its own claiming technology, the Micro Content Claiming System (MCCS), with Content ID in addition to employing a staff of 100+ dedicated to digital rights management. This guarantees global copyright protection and maiximized revenue for clients.

Channel Partnership

Unparalleled support with Yoon CMS

A YouTube channel partnership is a cooperative link between your YouTube channel and our CMS. The benefits of forming this cooperative link include Channel Building, Priority YouTube Support, Direct Ad Sales Program, Campaigns, Community Activity, Content Strategy Advising, Channel Building, Merchandise Support, Video/SEO Optimization, and Advanced Advertising Rates.


From Meme creators to large news networks

We license our content to all types of video creators from meme creators to large news networks. We strive to get your content spreading rapidly in an organic way.

Go viral, get paid.

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Distribution, Collaborations, Analytics, Socials, Viral, We've got you covered.

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