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Label Engine empowers thousands of labels and distributors to maximize their earnings and increase their global footprint.

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Hassle free distribution to all stores worldwide

As an independent record label, getting your music into the best online music stores can be a painful and time-consuming process. Label Engine's distribution service makes it easier than ever to stay in control, and saves you time and money.


Flexible accounting tools that scale

Label Engine's accounting platform was designed and developed by actual record label managers and gives you the ability to handle the load in minutes. Label Engine has been used to send out over a quarter of a million statements to artists.

Music Promotion

Track & Analyze campaigns

Label Engine's suite of promotional tools will boost your social media presence and get your music heard by the people that matter most.

Demo management

Stay on top of your demos

Label Engine's Demo Management system allows you to create a unique URL and email address for your label, streamlining where artists can submit their demos for your consideration. Get ready to power through your thousands of demos with ease!

Make more from your music

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