Building bridges with The next generation.

Flighthouse is the leading digital media brand for the next generation and the #1 brand account on TikTok with over 27 million fans. Flighthouse’s content studios produce a variety of original series such as Finish The Lyric, Dance Charades and more, collaborating with premium brands including Hollister, Tinder, Aussie and others.

Powering the voice of gen-z

Through collaboration & Creativity

Tiktok-native content

Creating culture-defining content

Creating digital-native content catered to the fastest growing audience in the world with the internet's most relevant personalities.

Artist Promotion

Breaking artists through viral songs

Leveraging a wide network of social channels to develop viral sound campaigns that break the internet.

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Organic Marketing

Developing the digital footprint for brands

Developing content alongside brands to define and amplify culture for a new, digitally native audience.

Building bridges with The next generation.

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Distribution, Collaborations, Analytics, Socials, Viral, We've got you covered.

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